About us

La Maison de Mélanie is known for its direct involvement with both victims of sexual exploitation and those close to these victims, their family and friends, who are secondary victims. La Maison de Mélanie is also called upon to provide training to university students and professionals alike, and to offer presentations aimed at raising awareness among those working in the field and among the general public. Further, thanks to the publication of our founder’s biography, we have direct contact with victims who identify with her and who recognize themselves in her story.

La Maison de Mélanie intervenes using an innovative and neutral approach: the organization does not take a position in the political debate on prostitution. Our mission is simply to provide direct and effective assistance those who are victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

The approach advocated by La Maison de Mélanie is to remain free of judgment, never discriminating against different types of prostitution. Our organization provides services to all women seeking help to end their sexual exploitation, and we provide that assistance without any prerequisites whatsoever.

Our Quebec Business Number (NEQ) is 1169013191, and our registered charity number is 83599 0433 RR 0001.

Mélanie Carpentier

Mélanie Carpentier is a survivor of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Having gone through hell, she decided to write and share her story. In February 2013, Béliveau published J’ai été une esclave sexuelle… Se sortir des gangs de rue. Through her determination to break the silence, Melanie has become a role model of survival and success for teenagers and women who have experienced the same type of victimization, being proof positive that one’s past need not define one’s future. She decided to use her visibility to make a difference in the lives of victims, and so she created La Maison de Mélanie.

Having earned of Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from the Université de Montréal, Mélanie was a member of the Registry of Criminologists from 2013 to 2015. She continued her studies in order to become a member of the Order of Criminologists and improve her knowledge. Her extensive work experience includes working for the Correctional Service of Canada through federal, provincial, and community halfway houses, as well as working for the Centre Jeunesse de Montréal and the Le Chaînon women’s shelter. Mélanie has shared her knowledge and experience through more than 300 lectures given across Canada.

Board of Directors

Valérie Boucher (President)

Mathilde Romano  (Vice-President) mathilde@lamaisondemelanie.ca

Marie Hélène Giroux (Treasurer)

Anna Dagenais (Secretary)

Emmanuelle Cere (Administrator)