Since it first opened its doors, La Maison de Mélanie has operated and continues to operate thanks to the generosity of donors. No salaries are paid: Mélanie Carpentier and her team generously offer their time and expertise as volunteers.

Organizations and public institutions that donate to La Maison de Mélanie can benefit from training, conferences, or workshops.

A portion of the donations received is used to develop materials aimed at raising public awareness of the issue of sexual exploitation, and to reach more victims.

* La Maison de Mélanie is a registered charity. As a result, we have a charity number and, for any donation of $20 or more, a receipt will be issued for tax-deductible purposes.

Our Quebec Business Number (NEQ) is 1169013191, and our registered charity number is 83599 0433 RR 0001.


To make a donation:

1.Via PayPal

2. Via GoFundMe

3. By cheque

La Maison de Mélanie

On behalf of the entire team at La Maison de Mélanie, we sincerely thank you for your interest in the cause and our work!

La Maison de Mélanie fundraising campaign promotional video (video in French only)